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Title: Confused: Win7 -v- XP
Post by: Dermmy on November 01, 2011, 11:01:53 AM
I am a tad confused!

I have just upgraded my old computer and the important bits are:

i5 2500K Quad CPU
ECS P67H2-A3 Mobo
8 Gig 1600 DDR3 RAM
Radeon HD6770 1Gig
2x 120 GB Sata3 SSD
Win7 Ultimate 64 Bit

The OS and TS12 are on one SSD, TS10 is on the other.

The box also contains my old HDs with XP Home still installed so I can boot to either Win7 or XP.

Booted to Win7 and using the full potential of the machine, both TS10 and TS12 run at high FPS but are jerky as hell.

Booted to XP and therefore only using 3 Gb of RAM the FPS is slower (about 50% of Win7) but both TS10 and TS12 run smooth as silk.   Both Trainz installs look significantly better running under XP than they do running under Win7.

EVERY Trainz and vid setting is identical in both cases, both operating systems are tested with identical route, session and consists on several routes.  In every case booting to XP gives a better looking Trainz experience than Win7 despite the significantly lower fps.

Anybody hazard a guess at what I'm missing, cause I'm about to reformat the Win7 SSD, move XP onto it and chuck 4 gig of RAM in the bin...

Andy ???
Title: Re: Confused: Win7 -v- XP
Post by: CommanderHobo on November 01, 2011, 01:50:39 PM
Hmm...  ???

The only thing that comes to my mind at the moment is that Trainz has a history of stuttering when run on high-end machines. Usually limiting the frame rate it can run at rectifies the problem.

Try playing around with the "-framerate=XX" number in the trainzoptions.txt file. Maybe limiting the frame rates to a lower value will help. You can use the frame rates you get in XP as a base number and then work up from there.

Hope this helps.

- Dan
Title: Re: Confused: Win7 -v- XP
Post by: The Vezman on November 01, 2011, 03:06:11 PM
Yeah that's the one problem with the JET engine, it has trouble with newer technology and adapting the game around it. It will never be able to fully utilize all the power of the components you put with it, but it will give it a significant amount of headroom.

The FPS limiter in the Trainz Options should help. Apart from testing in XP as well, you may want to test it in Windows 7. See how many framerates you are getting at maximum, and then how much it's dipping to, then find a middle ground between the two numbers and start that off as your limit, then go down from there. Ideally you shouldn't be running any lower than 15-20 FPS.

Also it wouldn't be a bad idea to check what background processes you have running while you're running Trainz in Win7, if there are any useless/resource-hogging processes, go ahead and end them (do a quick Google search to make sure it's OK to end the process). If you aren't running fullscreen, you should do so as well. Make sure all the driver versions are the most current ones.

I'd try a combination of the suggestions from both Dan and I, and come back with any questions, comments, discoveries, etc. Good luck!
Title: Re: Confused: Win7 -v- XP
Post by: Dermmy on November 01, 2011, 06:30:31 PM
Thanks Gents, I will play around and get back with results asap. 

Title: Re: Confused: Win7 -v- XP
Post by: Dermmy on November 02, 2011, 05:15:27 AM


Acceptable performance with minimal stutter, in fact if you can pick 33fps from 73fps you are better than me and by 'minimal' I mean performance I would have killed for in previous versions of Trainz.

Actually I'm pretty sure it's a Radeon/DirectX issue.  I can make performance absolutely silky smooth by changing to OpenG, but that sets up an intolerable flickering.  DirectX gives me beautiful graphics albeit a bit stuttery.  Stuttery wins.  As to why the same vid card is so much better in XP it just might be the vid drivers.  By necessity Win7 and XP are loading different drivers (32/64 bit).  I might try a legacy driver for the Win7 install and see what happens...

Title: Re: Confused: Win7 -v- XP
Post by: Swordfish58 on November 02, 2011, 06:20:09 PM
You made my day!  :clap:

My TS2010 had in the trainzoptions.txt a standard framerate of 200. It was playable but one does notice an obvious stuttering of the trains and a flickering of the monitor.
Now with 33 frames no longer flickering and stuttering!
My specs: Intel Core i7 CPU 870 2,93 GHz, overclocked to 3,54 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 2 Nvidia Geforce GTX 285 SLI, Win7 Prof 64-bit.

Kind regards

Swordfish 58
Title: Re: Confused: Win7 -v- XP
Post by: Dermmy on November 02, 2011, 06:39:45 PM
My TS2010 had in the trainzoptions.txt a standard framerate of 200.

My TS12 had -framerate=200 and I thought wtf when did I put that in there?  That can't be coincidence.  The thing ships with trainzoptions set up for 1024x768 @ 200fps.  Somebody forgot to change something LOL

Although my Win7 performance is better, XP still kills it.  I am certain it is a Radeon 64-bit driver issue.  I can't afford to chuck a near-new vid card and relace it with a decent N'vid so I am backdating the box to XP.  When i can get an N'vid card I will give Win7 another try.

Thanks guys for the suggestions, they did help :)