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Title: Scanners
Post by: Up1995 on January 05, 2012, 11:46:12 AM
Would this be a good buy?

if i buy it would be my first scanner!
Title: Re: Scanners
Post by: maverickmc on January 05, 2012, 01:31:31 PM
It looks okay, I must say almost anything you buy from craigslist is a gamble. If it was me I'd rather fork out more money for a new quality item. I have a Radio Shack 20-404 scanner with 200 channels. It works great for me, haven't had any problems with it.
Title: Re: Scanners
Post by: chipallen16 on January 05, 2012, 11:41:32 PM
Look out for narrowbanding. Radio Shack scanners are pretty darn good, but I just recently went with one of the better ones. The railroads are switching from Broadband to Narrowband (and eventually to digital), so a lot of scanners are going out of date quickly. To get around the narrowbanding, I recommend a new Icom or Yaesu radio. They can be expensive, but they are incredible. I have a handheld Yaesu FT-270R, and it picks up clearly 10 miles away in bad weather. I'm not sure if my radio can pick up narrowband transmissions, but if it can't, I simply have to listen a little better.

Digital, however, is a completely different game. Maybe someone within the industry can clarify, but I've heard reports of the digital switch containing voice encryption, passcodes, and tracking, so even if you get the code, listening is illegal, nearly impossible to do, and you will be found. Don't worry- this switch is coming in several years.

Just be on the lookout for narrowband radios, as all radios must be switched to the narrower bandwidth by January 1, 2013. Check out the Ham Radio Outlet website for some good information, and good luck!

-Chip  :)

P.S. Railroads are issuing Icom handheld radios to their conductors, so those definitely work.