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Title: Fantasy units: D&RGW Alco C636s
Post by: n8phu on February 05, 2012, 05:51:43 PM
I just came across these again, I almost forgot about them...

I was just messing around and thinking about the Soldier Summit route that is in progress.... I plan on making some UP C630s (Yep, they had them, they went next to DM&IR, the off to Cartier after that)

I was wondering if the UP C630s ever climbed Soldier Summit, then wondered what D&RGW Alcos would have looked like.


This is what resulted.

If you want them, here is where they are: (

Same rules apply as the beta units.

Pics appreciated, lets see where they go.... Clovis? Mojave? Elkhorn City? EK3?