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Author Topic: My Collection has been started(warning, lazily large pictures to "show detail"  (Read 4952 times)

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Well, I hit up Ebay and came back with 4 locomotives of varying quality for a pretty good price for each. (with the exception of the C430, but C430s sucked anyway.)

The prize in my collection at the moment, a Proto2000 Western Maryland BL2. I am really torn as to whether or not I will be repainting it into Mayburry Northern or not. I just love this scheme in its simplicity. And the paint job is very nice. Whatever I decide though, it will be weathered and detailed, though I am not sure what I plan on adding detail wise except for a DCC decoder and Tsunami sound once I get a job outside of college. And no painting this one until I get a good airbrush. I just don't want to ruin it.  And the best part is that the box came with diagrams.

The next locomotive in my collection is a Bachman GP30 in Reading paint. It is numbered and painted in the as delivered yellowbird scheme. Again, I am torn with this locomotive. I am not sure whether or not I want to renumber it into the renumbered 3XXX number job(so that it would sync up with the B&O when they merged... oh, wait.) That would mean that I would be repainting the frame to match the green. The class marks and other details are really nice. If I do renumber it, I will have to figue out how to replace the backlit number boards. I plan on detailing quite a bit on this particular locomotive, including replacing the horns with a split 3 chime leslie, as well as touching up some of the parts that didn't get painted as well as I would have liked. It looks like a pretty nice engine. It has a built in decoder, which probably isn't that good of one, but hey, at least it is a start. One gripe that I have is that the front headlight is positioned wrong, but I doubt that that is fixable, or even big enough of a detail to worry about. Oh, and I hate the wipers. They just suck.

I am a bit disappointed with the coloring, which in my opinion, is much too bright of a yellow. It needs to be a bit more orange. But I will probably not repaint it.

The next locomotive that I purchased is a soon to be ex Conrail GP35. Yeah, no contest here. While the blue is classy, this bitch is going to be painted yellow and green. It is also Bachman, and like the 30, it has a built in decoder.

And finally a Model power C430 which was, according to the model, built in Yugoslavia, which really amused me. Especially since the country was dissolved in 1992. Anyway, this locomotive is... well it is a piece of shit, but as I mentioned before, so was the C430, so at least it is proto in that regard. The locomotive doesn't appear to be painted, but rather molded out of blue plastic, which is showing stress marks in places. When I removed it from its package, it was coated in a white powder, which I hope came from its shattered plastic shell. As for how the locomotive looks, it is okay. The proportions are way off though, especially at the front of the locomotive, and the cab is just plain horrible, as is the fuel tank. The top of the locomotive has a little dimple in it that I am assuming is the mold injection mark. It has lit numberboards, but for some reason, they don't have numbers.

I was originally going to sell the unit to someone who collects C430s, but I was convinced to keep it and use it as a practice painting locomotive when I get my new airbrush kit, so this is going to be turned into a Reading unit also.
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 O0 That Model Power locomotive started out as a Tyco-Mantua beast...I think they all bought from the same supplier...

I always did like the C430, ACL got the three demo units, they became SCL units..

They were designed for high-speed freight service even to the new designed trucks.

However they were light weight & had a bad habit of slipping in the rain.

They were pushed off with 97 other ALCo's to the L&N by order of the ICC to help ease the power-shortage the "Old Reliable" suffered back in the 70's.

Since your doing Northeastern roads, you may consider an ALCo demo styling....
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Resize these ****ing pictures to at least 1680 x X or im banning you.  God damn  :rolleyes:

I am working on it. Photoshop was being a bitch, lol.

Edit: There we go.

Edit #2: Okay, call me suicidal, but I think that I can make this C430 work. I will need to trim the cab in order to give it the correct profile, and use quite a bit of styrene to create the details that are missing, but I think that I can do this. I might actually be able to make a pretty good locomotive out of a POS.
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yay my pixels are not falling off the world any more.

Good looking desk ya got there!  :hijacked:

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Good looking desk ya got there!

 :imwithstupid: Let me think.  I believe that means you could have cropped  almost half of each picture. For quick simple resizing, cropping and sharpening I would recommend IrfanView. 


Ps...nice models by the way with the exception of that Alco for obvious reasons.


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Thanks guys. And yeah, I probably should have just cropped them, but I was lazy.