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Author Topic: Atlantic Coast Line 1504  (Read 2296 times)

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Atlantic Coast Line 1504
« on: May 04, 2011, 10:06:25 PM »
Just recently the North Florida Chapter of the NRHS met with the Jacksonville Transportation Authority on future preservation and restoration of the Atlantic Coast Line 1504 which currently resides in the parking lot of the Prime Osborne Convention Center (Ex Jacksonville Terminal).  This morning we have been given the go-ahead with both aspects of the project but we will need to meet with local railway top-hats to even see if there is a future for operation, we don’t have anywhere for it besides the North Florida Railway Museum all the way down the CSX in Green Cove Springs.  So Florida now has two steam locomotives that have the chance of operation, one of which will be in good favor to see time on the FEC.

I’ll go ahead and post updates here as they arise, there will be a small discussion about the locomotive during the North Florida Chapter’s trip to Tampa this weekend so I’ll see if I can get anymore details on the project then.  If anyone wants to get on board the project we definitely need you, because if it’s like any of the restoration currently in progress it will be done with man power being the only piece of equipment.

For more info on the 1504:

NOTE: This is all of course subject to change, the complete negations with JTA have not come through but so far its looking good.
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