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Author Topic: Say Hello to U.S. Locomotive Works!  (Read 1741 times)

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Say Hello to U.S. Locomotive Works!
« on: June 26, 2007, 11:22:51 AM »
By Kevin Yutz:

We are happy to announce our new group, U.S. Locomotive Works. The new group has been created as a result of the merger of USTrainz and http://trainzlocomotiveworks.com.

The new web address for our group once the website is complete will be : http://www.uslw.net . Bookmark it now!

Once the new website is up and running our old domain names will auto-forward you to this new site.

What does this mean for you guys in the Trainz Community?

Through this new group our potential has grown two-fold. We have twice as many active members and twice as many creative ideas! The UST Locomotive Project will still go on, and any current files that are on the USTrainz and http://trainzlocomotiveworks.com sites WILL move to the new site. This has already been secured thru the creators of these items and we thank them for that!

Does this mean were going to go payware?

No this does not mean we are going to go payware on anything on our site. The U.S. Locomotive Works site will remain freeware entirely.

Anything we would decide to do payware would be found on http://www.virtualraillink.com , our portal for payware addons for Trainz.

What happens to the current projects being done by both teams?

All projects either team are currently working on will go on, just under the new group name. Our Reading & Northern route will still be worked on and hopefully ready for release by November or so, and with the new group this should add the help that we need to get it done on that timeline. Anything TLW had in progress will go the same way.

If anyone has any questions or anything please feel free to post them here or shoot me an email and we can go from there.

Kevin Y.
U.S. Locomotive Works
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