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Author Topic: Notes for Users when Contacting JR for Support  (Read 2876 times)

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Notes for Users when Contacting JR for Support
« on: June 07, 2011, 04:43:47 PM »
Just a few things for our great customers out there when you need support on a JR related issue or question  99.9% of you are the best customers we could ask for as far as things go.  Thank you for that ahead of time.  

- When contacting JointedRail Support please make sure to state the nature of your problem in as much detail as possible. This helps me to get right to fixing your problem instead of chasing down more information on the issue from you via email. Screenshots of Errors/Warnings or KUID's of missing dependancies are really a big help!

- Keep in mind that we now only support Trainz 2009, 2010 and TS12.  We will try our best to help you out on anything before that but we can't guarentee anything on that front.    

- Being courteous goes a long way when your dealing with something.  Telling me that " My Train is broken.  FIX IT" really doesn't make the best impression of yourself nor give me any information on your problem.  

Thanks for your help in making my job easier! :headspin:
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