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Author Topic: Forum Code of Conduct (PLEASE READ!)  (Read 6560 times)

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Forum Code of Conduct (PLEASE READ!)
« on: January 17, 2012, 06:49:41 PM »
No matter whether you have read all, part, or none of the terms in the Code of Conduct, you will be expected to follow them regardless. Failure to comply will result in punishments ranging from warnings to temporary/permanent banning.

The minimum age for this forum is 15, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you do not comply with this, you may be banned. Please show maturity, courtesy and respect to all members regardless of color, ethnicity, gender, religion, creed, political stance or personal background.

1. This forum is not a political or religious battleground. Do not post any material, topics, or media which may infringe on anyone’s political or religious beliefs or rights.

2. Keep all posts in good taste. Photographs, videos, and post content must be appropriate for teenagers. Pornographic and violent material will be deleted without question (read rule #8).

3. Spamming posts will be deleted automatically, and the account may be terminated.

4. Fights will not be tolerated on this forum. Should you find yourself at opposition with another person (or people), attempt to resolve it with them in a private manner.

5. Constructive criticism is always better than negativity. We encourage everyone to post their work in any appropriate subject matter, and we encourage others to comment on them as well. While we don’t expect you to positively reinforce everything, we expect your posts to have some form of reasonable demeanor.

6. Do not falsely report posts. This will flood our email inboxes, and we can't deal with that. If the post did not contain any spam or what could be considered offensive material, but you are still offended with the material, gooby pls privately message the post author.

7. No post flooding, this includes overuse of smileys and emoticons. Use a warning when posting multiple larger size pictures. Attempt to compress pictures down before you upload them here, either by means of an online tool or a piece of software.

8. No posts containing explicit and/or illegal activities. This includes but is not limited to: Drug Paraphernalia, Pornography/Nudity, Software Manipulation, Computer/Software Hacks, Piracy or File Sharing, Violence (blood and/or gore), etc.

9. Refrain from quoting pictures, simply remove the image tags before you quote.

10. Do not intimidate or harass other users, moderators or administration. If a person posts a picture of content, do not ask them repeatedly where they received said content and how you may obtain it.

11. Do not bump threads. If a thread is over a few months old, then do not post on it, simply create a new topic asking for help in an appropriate forum.

12. Administration reserves the right to ban users at any time, given suitable reason, without the right to appeal.

13. You must observe any other code of conduct on other threads and/or posts.

14. Do not deviate from the original topic subject, all posts containing irrelevant matter may be deleted.

15. While there are a small amount of words which are censored/replaced, please keep language down to a minimum. Posts may be edited should it contain excessive vulgarities or foul language.

16. Due to the recent annoying outbreak of this "br.ony" stuff,  Please do not post any Pony material.
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