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Author Topic: Sacramento Northern Pictures  (Read 20383 times)

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Sacramento Northern Pictures
« on: September 20, 2013, 12:55:10 AM »
Well since the 100 year of the SN was just celebrated almost a week ago I figured I'd start this, here are just a few of my shots.

SN 654 Sitting in the Car House 1 Yard awaiting to be moved to the branchline for an all day display.

Here 654 and Train sit for display all day of the SN 100 year anniversary

SN 654 and train sit as SN 1005, OA&E 1020, and Oregon Electric 1001 pass behind.

VE 502 and SN 654 sit next to each other, similar paint schemes, look like they fit.

Riding in the Cupola of 1632 looking down towards the entire train.

Anyone else who has Sacramento Northern Shots, share them

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