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Author Topic: Bel-Del Paint a passenger car fund raiser. Please read.  (Read 2734 times)

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Bel-Del Paint a passenger car fund raiser. Please read.
« on: January 14, 2014, 04:52:39 PM »

My railroad, The Belvidere Delaware Railroad Excursions is currently looking to raise money to fix their ageing passenger car fleet. The cars are reaching the end of their operating life and currently need some tender loving care in order to keep operating.

We already started restoring one of the cars, Car number 500 which is currently our gift shop. But the project ran out of money before it could see a paint job. It is currently sitting on the train in a quick coat of primer so there could be at lease something protecting the body work we did.

[small]Photo by Dylan Vieytes[/small]

If anyone can donate any money that would be greatly appreciated and thanked.

When painted they will be painted in historic NYS&W paint schemes Similar to our Power car.

[small]Photo by Chat Hubler[/small]

If anyone would like to see what type of work is needed here are some photos from the 500 rebuild. The rest of our cars are in not to much better shape.

(Click on the images to enlarge)

When we ripped up the flooring this is what we found underneath. The scariest part was there was a refrigerator where that largest hole in the floor is.

We are fighting huge rust issue in the end vestibules of our cars. These are ex LIRR cars and they have seen a lot of road salt on the Long Island. There are a couple of vestibule steps that are about to fall off due to extreme rust around the bolts holding them on. Luckily they are on the side of the train we don't use the steps on.

When you can make a scratch like this with a screw driver it's time for a little body work.

Again if you can please donate so we can fix and paint our coaches.

Thanks for reading,
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