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Author Topic: GE C36-7 mesh for download  (Read 3878 times)

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GE C36-7 mesh for download
« on: March 09, 2014, 05:38:44 AM »
I found this, thought people might want to download it to play with it... I did.

GE C36-7 locomotive and trucks... .3ds file format......can be imported into blender, gmax, or 3ds max

Could be cut up and modded into the U30C/U33C/U34C/U36C line or more late model C36-7s (MP, UP, NW, NS).

Translation above the download link says it can't be used for Payware.


I downloaded it and I think the cab, short hood, long hood, and handrails need shrunk by 5 or so % in height..... but that was a quick estimate.

Coupler will need to be changed out for North American use.....can get a starter one here....


So for all those who wanted a mesh to look at and see what was what, come and get it.

Thanks to the people from Trainz UP for this.
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